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How much does it cost to rent a printer?

You can rent a printer for as little as R250 per month or as much as R20,000 plus for a large format printer.

The average rates for a quality Canon Printer or similar for office use is between R250 to R1,350 per month, depending on the production requirements of your business.

Is it better to rent or buy a printer?
How long are the rental terms?

The good news is there are short and long term rental periods to satisfy a large variety of needs.

Short Term Rentals

These can be as short as daily, weekly or month to month options.

This service is popular for customers who have time based projects like trade shows, exhibitions, project demonstrations etc.

Long Term Rentals

The periods for long term rentals are typically 30 to 60 months and are perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

There are no large upfront costs when you rent through us and our experience printer specialists will help match your needs with the perfect solution.

For more information on our Cape Town printer rental services please contact us and we can discuss your needs for home or office rentals.

Rent a printer/photocopier machine or rent urgently for an event short or long term?
  • choosing a new printer/copier machine is no simple task and can take weeks – ensure you aren’t left without an emergency backup while you’re deciding on the right machine.

  • have an event that requires extra printers… don’t spend tens of thousands on a printer you only need for a few weeks

  • with Printer Rental, you can rent a printer/photocopier for as little as a day and as long as you need

  • we stock a variety of top-quality printer/photocopiers from established brands, such as Canon, Olivetti , Xerox ,Triumph Adler , Riso and much more.

  • whatever you require, Printer Rental has solutions for your requirements

  • it’s a quick & convenient short term rental solution tailored to your specific needs

How it works:
  1. Contact us to get started

  2. Accept the quote and e-sign the Master Rental Agreement [only for new customers]

  3. Receive your items … your rental will be delivered within 24 hours of you concluding the signing process

  4. Send us a copy of ID , 3 month bank statements and proof of address.

  5. Pay the deposit or fist month rent.

  6. Receive your printer.

  7. Set up included

Why rent with Printer Rental?
  • Printerental gives the best rates for rental while at the same time giving the most comprehensive benefits

  • Printerrental has been renting out servers for the last 10 years, so we know exactly how to help you with the best possible solution.

  • we provide top class service and have a variety of machines to choose from  – from small home office printers to large production machines.

  • PrinterRental has been renting out printers since 2007 and we have over 15 years of experience under our belt

  • Printerental provides rental services in Cape Town , JHB and Durban

  • we have in-house technicians that provides support for all printer problems.

The question of wether to rent or buy a printer really comes down to your cash flow.

If you want to keep costs low in the early phase of your business then renting a printer makes absolute sense as there are no upfront costs. Yes it is slightly more expensive over time if you look at the entire repayment, but keeping costs down and cash flow on hand in the early phases has a better ROI.

If you have an established business with good cash flow, then buying a printer is probably a better solution for your business.

If you’d like a cost comparison between the two, contact us for best options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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